Top 10 Speakers You Must Hear About LED Lightings

LED Lights speakers

This year’s LuxLive will feature hundreds of speakers who all have a lot to say about lighting. Here we round up ten great presenters who you should make sure to catch at the show. 

From Russell Foster to Dr. Ian Jordan and from live hacking to Jason Bruges, there is something for everyone at this year’s event. Countless experts will be on-hand to inspire and inform and there will be a whole host of panel discussions, debate and live demonstrations. This year’s LuxLive offers a forum to learn something new, whilst checking the pulse of the industry.


1) Professor Russell Foster

Light, sleep and time

Thursday 24 November – 15:30 – Arena: Lightspace 

Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University led the team which discovered the so-called ‘third receptor’ in the eye, the key to understanding circadian rythms. This is an exclusive live presentation from the scientist whose TED talk has been viewed five million times.

2) Dr. Ian Jordan – Jordan’s Eyes

Light and perception: Have your mind altered

Wednesday 23 November – 14:00 – Arena: Lux Arena 

Light is much more capable at altering our perceptions, senses and well-being than many people realise. In this special interactive session, Dr. Ian Jordan demonstrates how colour and light can play with our assumptions about the world around us.



3) Jason Bruges 

Masters of Light: Opportunities with Light Art in the Public Realm

Thursday 24 November – 10:00 – Arena: Lightspace 

One of the most innovative designers working with lighting discusses his work in the Public Realm. Many of his interactive, dynamic pieces are  considered to be artworks in their own right. Most recently Jason Bruges Studio was commissioned by GLComm to design and build a multi-sensory experience for LG Electronics. The living, breathing representation of the new LG Signature range was unveiled at IFA 2016 in Berlin. to acclaim.



4) Iain Trent – Land Securities 

                                                Tech Session: Power over Ethernet

Wednesday 23 November – 13:30 – Arena: IoT Arena

‘Power over Ethernet’ (PoE) is a way of providing power for electrical equipment – including lighting – through Ethernet IT cables. In the first of two presentations, Iain Trent of Land Securities reports on the results of the recent trials into PoE systems and explores the benefits to building occupiers as well as the challenges.


5) Matt Love – Tesco 

     Dragon’s Den

Thursday 24 November – 14:15 – Arena: Lux Arena 

Matt Love, Tesco’s lighting chief, is one of the dragons who’ll be passing his verdict on lighting inventions pitched to him by budding entrepreneurs, in this popular slot based on the primetime BBC TV show. Other dragons include Alexandra Hammond of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Matt Cargill of Gatwick Airport, Matt Love of Tesco, Rupert Martin of Dextra and Chris Barnes of London South Bank University.






6) Sabine De Shutter – Studio De Shutter

Five office lighting tricks to save energy and boost productivity 



23 November -14:00 – Arena: The Whitecroft Tech Arena

Sabine de Schu




has recently been named one of the world’s 40 Under 40 top lighting design talents. In this talk De Shutter tells us how to create offices that work for people, while sharing her insight and knowledge of interior architecture and human-centric responses to light to help create offices that work for both people and the environment.



7) Sally Storey – Lighting Design International

The hipsters’ filament lamp is dead: the next big trends in hospitality lighting

Wednesday 23 November – 17:50 – Arena: Lux Arena

Gary Lohan of One Aldwych, Sally Storey of Lighting Design International, independent consultant get together to discuss what should be done about so-called ‘hipster’ lighting. What will replace the industrial lighting aesthetic currently swamping cafes, restaurants and bars? Our panel of trendwatchers look at the contenders and their likely chances of success.



8) Paul Nulty Nulty+

A passionate speaker, Nulty has worked on the look of top retailers including Selfridges, Superdry, Monsoon and Harrods.

Wednesday 23 November – 1330 – Arena: The Whitecroft Tech Theatre

Office lighting best practice: Berghaus 

Katie Greenyer of Pentland Brands and Paul Nulty of Nulty+ contemplate the newly refurbished headquarters of outdoor clothing supplier Berghaus, which combines striking, contemporary design with on-trend, efficient ‘statement’ lighting. The depth of the response of the lighting designers to the brief will be considered, as well as the integration of the lighting design into the interior concept.

Wednesday 23 November – 1430 – Arena: Lux Arena

High Street Heroes: From Apple to Zara

Dave Tilley of NRGstar, Paul Nulty of Nulty+, Phil Caton of PJC Light Studio and Richard Felgate of Enstrat decide who is creating all the excitement in retail lighting, and whose illumination is proving a turn-off to customers?  We travel up and down Britain’s high street to reveal the top ten retailers who are making lighting work.

Wednesday 23 November – 1540 – Arena – Lux Arena

10 store lighting tricks every retailer should know

Paul Nulty of Nulty+ considers the techniques which increase store dwell times and make the merchandise the hero. Nulty, whose clients include Burberry, Fenwick, SuperDry, Paul Smith and TK Maxx, reveals the best ways to make stores irresistible to customers.


9) Ken Munro – Pen Test Partners

Live Hacking

Thursday 24 November – 11:30 – Arena: IoT Arena

Just how vulnerable are connected lighting products and systems to attack? In this unique live demonstration, Ken Munro of Pen Test Partners, the UK’s leading ethical hackers, will conduct live penetration testing to explore the robustness of the systems produced by the industry. An entertaining and informative session that will be one of the day’s highlights.


10) Paul Meenan – Transport for London

Emergency Lighting: Ask the experts

Transport for London has been making huge investments in lighting in recent years. Here Paul Meenan brings us up to speed with the latest.

Wednesday 23 November – 11:00 – Arena: Escape Zone

An expert panel will answer common emergency lighting questions from selecting the right light level and signage to luminaire conversions and  special situations such as indirect lighting. Panelists will include AdrianSpicer and Greg Smith of Liteplan and Paul Meenan of TfL.

Panel: What’s the future of emergency tech?

Wednesday 23 November – 15:10 – Arena: Escape Zone

The advent of LED, IoT and new wiring protocols such as power over ethernet means emergency lighting is creating a race to keep up. In this debate, our panel looks at these changes and what the future holds for emergency lighting. Panelists include Paul Meenan of TfL and Ian Watts of Hochiki.


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