A New Skin Rejuvenating LED Light Clinic Has Opened In London

The treatment, which is able to restore damaged skin cells, is non-invasive and simply involves reclining underneath a light source.

Unlike the sun, which has the ability to seriously damage skin, LED light treatment poses no risk to the skin and can be repeated, however there does need to be a rest period between treatments as there is a limit to how much light the skin can absorb.

‘Step into the chic seclusion of The Light Salon in Harvey Nichols, sink into a lounge chair and simply bask under a lamp of soothingly warm near-infra-red light (the opposite of damaging UV). The results within just one treatment were impressive; my skin immediately looked decidedly more even and radiant,’ Sophie Qureshi gushed in an article for Grazia.Those who have tried the treatment so far have liked it.

The expanding role of LED will be discussed at this year’s LuxLive 2016 exhibition and conference in London on Wednesday 23

Exposure to the near-infrared is preceded by a one-minute blast of yellow light, which makes skin cells more receptive to the light exposure that is to follow.

The light technology for the clinic has been provided by Lutronic. The Light Salon is the only company in the country to be using the Healite II, which uses light to provide Low-Level Light Therapy. The fixture harnesses the properties of concentrated LED and delivers it safely.

Each session lasts for eleven minutes and costs £35. As well as brightening the skin, the treatment is also able to improve collagen production.

November and Thursday 24 November. Taking place at ExCeL London, entry is free if you pre-register.

The Light Salon, a ‘skin rejuvenation bar’ is hoping to brighten pale complexions with near-infrared, which is the opposite of damaging UV light.

A new skin rejuvenating LED light clinic that aims to supplant the facial as the go-to beauty treatment of choice, has opened at the Harvey Nichols department store in London.

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