Linkable LED Well Lights: Illumination for Gardens, Ponds, Trees, and More!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new Linkable LED In-Ground Well Lights. Up to five LED well light fixtures can be connected in a series using the G-LUX plug-and-play connectors on both ends of each light and used for architectural lighting, garden lighting, tree uplighting, submerged pond lighting, and more. The waterproof stainless steel fixtures emit up to 200 lumens of natural or warm white illumination. A 2 3/4-inch ground-mounting tube is attached, and each fixture has a heavy-duty tempered glass lens. These fixtures have 12V AC/DC operation and can be easily installed in a G-LUX landscape wiring system or in an existing low-voltage landscape system with one of our G-LUX pigtail power cables.

linable well light multi photo



LED well lights in natural white (left) and warm white (right)


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