Easy-to-Install LED Landscape Lighting

how to install led landscape lighting

With the right lights and accessories, LED landscape lighting is a breeze to install. Our plug-and-play G-LUX LED landscape product line includes everything you need for any type of setup whether it’s a complete G-LUX landscape lighting system, G-LUX lights in an existing landscape system, or a different brand of lights in a G-LUX system. There are installation options and accessories for LED pond lights/fountain lights, spotlights, path lights, hardscape lights, well lights, and more. Check out the photos below for some landscape lighting ideas and layout options. With easy-to-use G-LUX accessories, such as extension cables, splitters, power supplies, dusk-to-dawn sensors, and waterproof junction boxes, any setup is possible.

Installation Accessories:

Dusk-to-Dawn Sensors
Power Supplies
Extension Cables
Waterproof Wire Connector
Splitter Hubs
Male Pigtail Power Cable
Female Pigtail Power Cable
Waterproof Junction Box

Installing a single G-LUX LED landscape light in a G-LUX system

how to install led landscape lighting - G-lux landscape light system

This simple installation consists of your G-LUX LED landscape light and a G-LUX power supply. Choose a power supply that is rated for a wattage equal to or more than that of your LED landscape light. You can use a G-LUX extension cable to reach spots that are far from your power supply.


Using extension cables and 5-way/3-way splitters 

how to install led landscape lighting - led landscape lights with splitterts

how to install led landscape lighting - led landscape lights with extension cables

how to install led landscape lighting - daisy chain led landscape lightsYou can use G-LUX splitters and extension cables to lengthen the reach of or increase the number of lights in your LED landscape lighting system. Splitters are available in 3-way and 5-way options, and extension cables come in 6.56-foot, 16.4-foot, and 32.81-foot lengths. Use any combination of these plug-and-play accessories to add LED landscape lights where you need them. Make sure that the power supply you choose can handle the combined wattage of all your LED lights.


Installing a G-LUX light in an existing low-voltage landscape lighting system

how to install led landscape lighting - G-Lux landscape light in existing system

For this type of installation, you’ll need a G-LUX female pigtail power cable to use with your G-LUX LED landscape light. Connect the female end of the pigtail power cable to your LED light, and connect the pigtail wires to the main line that runs to your other lights and existing power supply. You can also wire your G-LUX LED landscape light directly to your power supply.


Installing a different brand or type of landscape light in a G-LUX system

how to install led landscape lighting - landscape light in g-lux system

You can create a G-LUX landscape lighting system using G-LUX LED lights and another brand of lights. All you need is a G-LUX male pigtail power cable for every other brand of light that you wish to install in your system. Before you install any additional light in your landscape lighting system, make sure that your power supply can handle the combined wattage of all lights. Join each light’s pigtail wires with the pigtail wires on the power cable. Be sure to seal your connections. Plug the other end of the connector into your choice of G-LUX accessories (extension cable, splitter, or power supply).


Using a dusk-to-dawn sensor

how to install led landscape lighting - dusk to dawn sensor

A G-LUX dusk-to-dawn sensor will turn your landscape lights on at dusk and off at dawn. A sensor with an automatic timer is also available to keep landscape lights on for two, four, or six hours after dusk. The sensor must be plugged into your G-LUX power supply, and anything that you want it to control must be plugged into it. If you want the sensor to control multiple lights, plug your splitter or extension cable that is plugged into the splitter into it.


Underwater lights and waterproof connections

how to install led landscape lighting - waterproof landscape lights

If you’re using waterproof G-LUX LED well lights or spotlights in ponds or fountains, there are a couple waterproof accessories that you might need. Use a waterproof three-way junction box to connect up to three LED landscape lights to your G-LUX power supply. Plug an extension cable into the input hub, and run it to your power supply. If you need one of your lights to reach farther under water, you can use a G-LUX extension cable and a G-LUX waterproof wire connector to do so.


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