Comment | Where can I use LED strips?

In a previous article we discussed in depth where LED strips can be utilised in the kitchen, to give thoughts and show what it would look like. We’re going to steer away from the kitchen and enter detail of where else LED strips can be used.
The range of applications and areas where you are able to place the stripsled-lighting-strips-kitchen-led-lights-that-cost-you-less-ledles-77367 is indeed broad; this article however is going to focus on its applications within the house. The LED tape has a multi-use of both producing light but also creating a feeling.
LED strips at the Bedroom :The bedroom may look like an unlikely place to place the strips but, when used in the right way, they are quite atmospheric. Where could you place LED’s from the bedroom to make them atmospheric? You might also make the bedroom look innovative by using coloured LED’s — lighting up the room to whatever color the LED strip is — complimenting your colour scheme and adding atmosphere! Make your bed even more of a focal point in your bedroom using LED’s! When you have a head board it’s possible to place a strip on the back of the to allow it to stand out from the wall. Putting LED strips along the skirting of the bed can also be powerful and nearly makes your bed look like its hovering off the floor! With the added possibility of being able to change the colours of the LED’s they provide a lively and fun feel! The tape illuminates the clothing and provides better lighting in the wardrobe where it can sometimes be lacking. Based on the style of your cupboard doors, LED’s may also be used to light both the doorways and give added effect.
Children’s bedrooms are someplace using LED tape can’t be wrong! Especially with the LED strips that come in different colors, they add variation, fun and I don’t know a kid who wouldn’t want some in their own room! For additional fun, together with the control the colour of the strips can change — your child would not want to leave their room! Having LED’s in the bathroom is a lot more common than you probably think. Because of the availability of being able to get the tape in various degrees of water resistance, the LED’s are very popular for use in the bathroom because of their versatility.


Your shower could be lit up and become a focal point of your bathroom using LED’s. Putting strips at the top and bottom of the skirting of the shower may change the impact it has. Putting LED’s at the top can act as light in itself, so would mean you may not necessarily need anything else to light up the shower. To add a little something extra, you can make use of the colour changing LED’s and alter the color of your shower based upon your mood. A toilet is the one room you would undoubtedly find a mirror! Mirrors have the ability to reflect; they reflect the space and your reflection as you start looking into them. Reflecting the space can make it appear bigger, so in the event that you’ve got a little bathroom, why not place LED tape round the mirror to draw attention to it and help aid the feeling of this bathroom being larger.
No need to make your bathroom look bigger? Why don’t you add a contemporary twist and modern feel to the toilet by incorporating LED tape around the edges anyhow? It generates an illusion of class while also being functional in enhancing the light, therefore enhancing the reflection.
The practicalities of LED strips at a bathroom have similar fittings and uses to those from the kitchen; for instance, you might have a cupboard over the sink that may create shadows under, so why not include an LED strip to the base of the cabinet to light the sink underneath? For more ideas of using LED’s with cupboards click here. Why not! The tape is effective in light up the stairs, and would lower the demand for there being any other lighting. These are a little snippet or even some of the locations it is possible to place LED’s strips in your home. Regardless of what type of home you’ve got or what color scheme there will undoubtedly be a place you’ll be able to set an LED strip to take advantage of the mild and effect they provide. For our assortment of LED strips and added extras please click here.

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