Reviewing The Black Oak LED 50 Inch Double Row Curved LED Light Bar


Black Oak 50-Inch D-Series Dual-Row Curved LED Light Bar

Rocking the LED Light Bar Industry

This company is changing the rules and you are the beneficiary. Their light bars are equal in every way to the “big boys” who charge hundreds of dollars more for the same brightness, same rock-solid build and quality components throughout. In fact, since Black Oak only uses the latest and greatest technology in their light bars, the same lengths often exceed the performance of competitors’ products.

The LED light bar market has been flooded with cheap, imported light bars for years now. The prices are tempting, but the quality is low. The only other choice available, however, has been the premium-priced light bars from U.S. manufacturers that cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there is a new entrant to the LED light bar industry, namely Black Oak™ LED.

Black Oak’s premier light bar is their 50-inch D-Series with two rows of 100 super-bright LEDs in total. It comes as a straight model, in their marine-grade M-Series and there is a curved model, which we review here. You cannot help but be astounded by the specs this light bar sports and the touch of class its curved shape brings to your vehicle.

  • This is the curved version of Black Oak’s biggest and brightest light bar
  • 100 gloom-crushing 3W or 5W top-bin OSRAM LEDs
  • Up to 55,000 raw lumens of clear, bright, focused light
  • Top-quality drivers and an oversized, integrated heat sink optimize LED brightness and longevity
  • Solid, one-piece aluminum housing, unbreakable Lexan lens and custom seal for an IP69K rating
  • Also meets U.S. Military MIL810-STD standards
  • You can choose from three beam patterns: Flood, Spot or Combo
  • An IP69K rated wiring harness and all mounting hardware is included
  • An unbeatable 30-day cash-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty
  • Beats out “premium” light bar makers easily in performance and price
  • Vertical beam aiming without tools
  • Designed to withstand over 30 harsh environmental conditions


Black Oak’s D-Series 50-inch curved LED light bar finds the same uses as its straight version, but it adds a distinctive look that blends well with most modern vehicles’ styling.

led light bar applicationsOff-roaders who crave the maximum amount of light possible love Black Oak’s D-Series curved light bar. Not only does it look cool, but the extra sweep provides an even broader beam pattern. This enhances any of the three beam configurations and is helpful for spotting game to the sides or completely flooding an entire camping area.

led light bar applicationsThis light bar is not just for fun, though. It is a favorite of heavy equipment operators, EMS vehicles and highway repair trucks. Often, these folks mount two bars, either front and back or on both sides, as primary or secondary lights to provide all-around visibility or scene illumination.

led light bar applicationsRecreational and commercial boat operators love how fully docks and landing areas are lit by the D-Series curved light bars. They are ideal as work lights when assessing or refurbishing hulls in dry dock also.

Technical Specs

These specs cover the 3W and 5W LED product versions.

led featuresWattage Rating: 300W or 500W, depending on LED power choice

led featuresCurrent Draw: 21A or 35A

led featuresOverall Dimensions: 4.22-inch height, 53-inch length to brackets’ outside

led featuresWeight: 19.8 lbs.

led featuresNumber of 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs: 100

led featuresLight Output: 31,100 or 55,000 raw lumens

led featuresIntrusion Rating: IP69K

led featuresOther Ratings: MIL810-STD

led featuresAvailable Beam Configurations: Spot, Flood or Combo

led featuresIncluded Accessories: IP69K wiring harness, stainless hardware and heavy-duty brackets

led featuresWarranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty

What’s in the Box?

The Black Oak 50-inch D-Series curved light bar comes with a complete wiring harness including dash switch, power relay, fuse block and an IP69K-rated Deutsch connector. All the hardware, brackets and stainless steel fasteners are there to complete a professional-looking installation.

Black Oak LED 50 Inch Double Row Curved LED Light Bar Specs

Black Oak LED 50 Inch Double Row Curved Review

With two power options and three beam configurations, choose one of the six combinations, light up the trails or waterways and watch your friends’ jaws drop when you flip the switch.

From its torture-proof, solid aluminum housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens to the top-quality internal electronics, this light bar is built to withstand whatever you can throw at it, literally. To achieve the highest intrusion rating possible, IP69K, this light was subjected to high-pressure, hot water jets from all angles. The LED drivers use only the best components and design to ensure the LEDs reach their expected 50,000-hour lifespan while putting out as much light as possible.

When considering Black Oak light bar products, it is all about ruggedness and performance. Their curved 50 inch LED light bar has both these qualities in spades. In minutes after unpacking the box, you will probably have a similar reaction to the product as this satisfied buyer did:

“The quality is appatent (sic) from the second you pick it up and plug it in. If you are choosing between rigid and these guys, these guys win by not only brightness and possibly durability, but its Waaaay cheaper!”

We do wish Black Oak would add more mounting options, such as an integrated bracket channel, but there is really nothing else to fault. It is giving the current quality light bar makers a run for their money.

If you are looking for the biggest and brightest plus a little style, Black Oak’s curved 50 inch LED light bar is impossible to beat, especially at the price. You deserve top performance, durability and versatility from your vehicle lighting budget and that is what this light bar delivers.

We unhesitatingly award this premium quality LED light bar a full five stars.

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