A19 3-Way LED Bulbs: Dynamic Lighting for Any Task

A19 3-way LED Bulb

We now offer A19 3-Way LED Bulbs. Designed specifically for 3-way ceiling lights, desk lamps, ceiling fan lights, and other 3-way residential fixtures, these versatile LED bulbs provide three set brightness levels for any mood or task. The omnidirectional A19 LED bulbs emit 325, 750, and 1,200 lumens of warm white or natural white illumination while consuming no more than 12 watts of power on their brightest setting.

3-way LED bulbs - living room lighting

3-way LED bulbs - contacts


3-way LED bulbs - basement lighting

They’re comparable to 30/70/100 watt incandescent bulbs and are designed to last 20 times longer. These bulbs have standard E26/E27 bases, 120V AC operation, and are available in singles or four-packs.

3-way LED bulb comparison

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