4 Must Know Emerging Markets For Every Light Manufacturer

4 emerging markets every light manufacturer MUST know

Lighting manufacturers are increasingly turning to niches to maintain profit and margin as commercial lighting markets suffering from price erosion and LED saturation. And here are four emerging markets every light manufacturer must know.

4 emerging markets every light manufacturer MUST know

Experts at lighting market analysts Strategies Unlimited have now identified four key markets that are set to boom over the coming years. They are: horticulture and agriculture, UV applications, human-centric lighting and smart cities.

The four key sectors will now be explored in this month’s Lighting Fixture Design conference in London on Tuesday 21 February and Wednesday 22 February.

Agriculture consultant John Matcham will explain why LEDs are a game changer in agriculture and horticulture. He’s explore how tunable nature of LED technology is proving a game changer in the booming agriculture and horticulture sectors and growers are starting to appreciate the value proposition in terms of yield and payback.

Experts Elliet Jones and Graham Dean of Helvar will explain how to create products for human-centric lighting. Clients are starting to ask about so-called ‘human-centric’ or ‘circadian’ lighting. But how do we start to translate the science into products that deliver real benefits to building occupants?

A special session will delve into UV ultraviolet applications and the world of possibilities it is creating. From sterilisation to curing, ultra-violet lamps have a wide range of applications in industry and society. And with LEDs replacing fluorescent lamps, it’s now a booming sector.

And after much hype, smart cities are actually starting to happen. From Dubai to Taipei, cities around the world are queuing up to become a Smart City – and lighting is set to provide the backbone of the connected networks. Mark Cooper of Smart City Advice will explore the killer apps that will drive adoption.

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